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JB :My Bladder Cancer

10 years ago, I developed bladder cancer- a very aggressive CIS cancer over the entire surface of the bladder.
At the time, I was given a 50/50 chance of survival. Options were bladder removal which I was told would give me a 100% chance of survival if the cancer had not migrated elsewhere, or various treatments to leave the bladder in situ.

I decided no way was I giving up my bladder- I still needed it!

I chose BCG treatment for the initial treatments and after 21 sessions decided my bladder was not going to stand much more- I still had another 29 sessions to go and my bladder had already shrunk to the size of a walnut! I decided, (after my first check to see if the bladder cancer had gone) to stop the treatments to prevent permanent damage to my bladder, which, by the end of treatment would probably have had to be removed anyway. 
I was urged not to stop treatment as the cancer was aggressive and very prone to return. Because my cancer was over the entire surface, the BCG treatment effectively removed the entire surface of the bladder- along with the cancer of course. This left a very raw, inflamed surface which was badly affected by most things I ate or drank. Crippled with pain, I can only liken it to walking around with a bladder full of lemon juice, whilst someone scrubbed the lining with a brillo pad. Incidentally, lemon juice was one thing I took in hot water as it does turn alkaline as it passes through the body and so is beneficial in helping create an alkaline environment, whereas cancer thrives on inflammation and acidity.

I also found soya a real irritant and avoided that at all costs.

However, over and above dietary modifications, zero alcohol etc, I also took Tumequex, (as I had done throughout my treatment).
I found it helped to soothe the lining and mucus membranes internally and, to be frank, gave me a new lease of life. Yoga also helped my bladder return to a near-normal size by exercising my core.
I'm convinced in addition to the soothing properties, Tumequex Tonic had some effect on the cancer, especially helping prevent its return. The doctors were actually amazed that my cancer had not returned and free from pain and inflammation, my bladder slowly improved and today is pretty much back to normal.
I do find if I stop taking Tumequex Tonic, I experience discomfort and some pain, but two tots of the tonic a day seems to keep the pain away! If I can suggest anyone diagnosed with cancer should read the book 'Cancer- A New Way of Life' by Dr David Schrieber- a superb book full of dietary advice that should be read by every cancer patient which I found a great read and inspiration for beating the disease.