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Cold Sores and Tumequex Gel- a welcome experience!

My husband has suffered all his life with cold sores. Whenever he became stressed or anxious he would get the familiar tingling, and by the following day a painful, unsightly cold sore would appear. He tried everything from Zovirax to home remedies, but nothing seemed to help, and he would simply have to wait for time to work its magic.

Recently I had heard anecdotal evidence that suggested Tumequex might help. I gave him some Tumequex Gel, which he put on his sore twice a day, and it brought instant relief. Within 3 days the cold sore was completely gone. No soreness, no nasty scabs! He was as surprised as I was and I have to say we would both highly recommend Tumequex Gel to anyone who suffers with cold sores.

Mrs M. P. Aberdeenshire