Welcome to Tumequex.  Based in the United Kingdom, Tumequex brings a wealth of scientific expertise to the healthcare market.

From hand sanitisers to tonics, the product range offers beneficial solutions to several health supporting requirements.

Tumequex Tonic is derived from the lessons of nature- Synthesised from plant extracts, which in nature are created to act as a natural defence mechanism against viral, bacterial and fungal attack, Tumequex Tonic is a daily pick me up with added benefits!

Our quality Hand Sanitiser is tested and passed to two British standards for effectiveness against microbes. When purchasing ANY hand or skin sanitiser, it is important to check it does meet the necessary standards to confirm effectiveness. With the addition of moisturising agents, our sanitiser is gentle and caring for the skin.
Additionally, Tumequex hand sanitiser does not use animal derived gelling agents- we prefer to use plant based gelling agents, which means it is totally suitable for vegan and vegetarian users too!